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healthcare and stuff like that. and -- all right. g.d.p., the economy growing at 2%. >> right. right. >> bill: better than 1%, right? >> better than 1%. better than contraction or recession. there is some talks talk, the wags going off a third is the defense spending in the course of this third quarter. because of the fiscal year, defense spending goes up because it's either use it or lose it attitude in the federal government. throughout the federal government, not just the defense department. and so they're spending more. >> bill: the federal government is driving this increase in. >> about a third of it is the result of. >> bill: that's a lot of it. yes, it is. but, you know, if you smooth this thing out over the course of the year, smoothing anything out in the federal government is he see easier than, you know, it sounds easier than it is. it's really not that. >> bill: is that a good report? 2% growth? >> it's as good as any other. bill, the fact is the concern about g.d.p. growth, all of that the market as you know took it today basically dismissed it. because there is a lack of credib
have had to evacuate some of the people even the neonatal children's healthcare in the hospital where young children are born. >> new york university hospital, yes. >> they have had to be evacuated. how do you get power back on-line in the hospital even when their generator has been affected? >> there is obviously the backup generation at the hospital that failed. that needs to be addressed it's an emergency situation. all of the resources that can be dedicated to get that back on-line receives the kinds of attention it deserves. >>> bob from con ed this is a snapshot of how many people have been affected by the power outages through out this area. >> ainsley and heather, thank you. >>> you heard it there. sandi is leaving damage along the east coast all day and night many of you have been sending us more pictures from the storm. these are pictures from my house my husband scott took these last night. this is on the north shore of long island just one example of very large trees that have come down whchlt you hear about these massive power outages in the area this is partially a resul
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)